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Why ToolHub?

Looking for tools

Locate Tools Quickly

Take control of your assets and make them work harder for your organization with ToolHub

Locate Tools Quickly

Tools can be checked in and out using the following technologies:

  • RFID Tool Management

  • Barcode Tool Management

You have the tools to get any job done properly. But do you have the number of tools required for the job? Are you stocked with the right tools at the right toolroom at the right time? Does one toolroom have too many of the same tool that another toolroom is always requesting? ​ ToolHub provides the answers to these questions so that you never have to ask them again...or wonder if you have the tools you need to complete the job. Know what tools you have, where they are at time, in which technician's possession or on which job, and know when they are due to be serviced with ToolHub's online tool management solution. Get a quick look at any tool's location or drill down into the details that matter most about your most important tools or kits with ToolHub's complete reporting. ​ Whether you manage tools with RFID check in/check out, a manual entry or barcode scan, ToolHub provides the visibility in your tool location, inventory, and status in easy-to-read, easy to track reports.

Minimize Loss

ToolHub employs technology to monitor your assets to keep tools safe and accounted for at all times

ToolHub includes hardware to secure toolrooms:

  • Secured entry into toolrooms, with video audit trail

  • Authorization

o PIN Pad

o RFID Badge Reader

Minimize Loss
Room with security features

While toolrooms vary in size and shape, one thing is consistent: no one wants to lose track of the tools required to complete the job. ToolHub offers right-fit technology solutions, which means there is a technology-based solution to manage assets in any size toolroom in any location, including mechanic stations, field service trucks and loose tool collection areas. ​ RFID technology is ideal for toolrooms with a clear entry/exit point with towers placed at the door to scan both employee identification as well as the tools entering and leaving the room. ​ For smaller tool rooms or less secure tool areas, barcode scanning allows technicians to use a portable, wireless scanner to check tools in and out. Pair that with pin pad authentication of each individual service tech, and ToolHub provides a cost effective, complete report of where and with whom each tool resides at any time. ​ When RFID and barcode technology isn't required, ToolHub also offers manual entry into the online management program to keep track of any tool in any location.

Informed Asset Purchase

Reduce redundancy, not productivity with usage reporting from ToolHub

Let the facts dictate your purchasing!

A wide range of ToolHub Reports are available including:.

  • Tool utilization by location

  • Assets overdue by location

  • Asset value ($) by location

Informed Asset Purchase
A bar chart

Do you know which tools are being used most often? What about which tools are being transferred to other locations to meet work order needs? Are there tools that are not being used at all? ​ ToolHub offers visibility on these important statistics and much more to help you make the best purchase decisions for your organization. With comprehensive and custom reporting, you can understand just how your tools are being used, where, by whom and how reliable they are with the click of a button. ​ Don't restock the tools that aren't being used. Buy the right tools for the locations that need them most from the suppliers whose tools have proven to be durable enough to complete the job. ​ Before you make another purchase, know that you are purchasing the tools your Company needs at the location where it is needed most. ​ Make your tools work as hard for you as you do for your customers.

Tool Safety

Avoid Safety Issues and reduce your liability with ToolHub

Tool Safety
Tools and a helment

Emphasizing tool safety helps prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to tools which reduces downtime and the associated costs. Implementing safety protocols such as regular maintenance, proper storage, training programs, and the use of personal protective equipment promotes a culture of safety, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and overall workplace morale. Tool safety is one of the most important toolroom priorities where a wide range of tools and machinery are utilized, presenting various hazards if not handled properly. Tool safety ensures the well-being of workers and the preservation of equipment. ToolHub helps make this easy by flagging tools that are returned damaged or are otherwise unsafe and ensure they are made unavailable until repaired and returned to inventory by an authorized administrator.

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