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Search Capabilities

Search Capabilities

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Stop wasting valuable time searching for tools, especially when they're not even available. With ToolHub's advanced tool search capabilities, you can quickly locate the exact tool you need, right down to its precise row, shelf, or bin position. Say goodbye to frustrating hunts and hello to efficiency.

ToolHub's powerful tool search feature enables you to instantly check the availability of a tool and understand the reason behind its unavailability, whether it's checked out by someone else or undergoing repairs. No more guessing games or wasted effort.

Experience the convenience and productivity of ToolHub's streamlined tool search, helping you locate tools faster and get back to work in no time. Boost your efficiency and eliminate unnecessary downtime with ToolHub.

Maintenance/Calibration Tracking

Maintenance/ Calibration Tracking

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Effortlessly assign one or multiple maintenance tasks to each tool using ToolHub.  You have the flexibility to set customized frequency periods, receive reminder notices, and benefit from email alerts to guarantee timely maintenance. By leveraging these features, you can ensure that maintenance is carried out promptly, preventing the use of tools that are past their due date for maintenance.

ToolHub streamlines the tracking of calibration and maintenance dates for all your assets. By enabling you to easily set notifications and recurring periods for maintenance tasks, simplifying the management of these critical activities. With ToolHub, you can stay organized and stay on top of calibration and maintenance requirements for your assets effectively.

Check In / CheckOut

Check In / Check Out 

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Effortlessly monitor the movement of tools in and out of your toolrooms with our tool inventory management software's Check In/Check Out functionality. Whether a tool is being used at its primary location or temporarily transferred to another site for borrowing purposes, you can easily track its status.


Additionally, our software allows you to place holds on tools, ensuring their availability when you need them. ToolHub offers the capability to reserve tools for individuals over a configurable period, giving you peace of mind knowing that the tools will be ready for pick-up as required. Simplify your tool tracking process with our intuitive Check In/Check Out feature.

Reporting and Metrics

Reporting and Metrics

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Unlock the power of reporting and metrics with ToolHub. Our comprehensive solution excels at offering a diverse array of reports, enabling you to gain valuable insights into your tooling operations. With ToolHub's flexible Report Manager, you have the freedom to build and customize reports according to your organization's unique needs.

From tooling metrics to statistics, our software empowers you with a holistic view across all locations and all your tools. Make data-driven decisions, optimize efficiency, and maximize productivity with the robust reporting capabilities of ToolHub.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

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Experience seamless tool inventory management with ToolHub. By consolidating all your toolrooms into a single centralized view, our software streamlines the process and enables you to efficiently compare activity across different toolrooms. Gain valuable insights into tool usage patterns, identify the most and least utilized tools at each location, and make data-driven purchase decisions.

With ToolHub, you have the power to optimize your inventory, improve resource allocation, and ensure that you have the right tools in the right place at the right time. Simplify your tool management and unlock smarter decision-making with ToolHub.

Tool Transfer

Tool Transfer

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Optimize tool utilization by sharing high-end specialty tools between locations without losing track of them. ToolHub’s Tool Transfer empowers multiple toolrooms to streamline the request/approval process of tool sharing through detailed tracking, notifications, and metrics. Track your specialty tool’s loan history from start to finish with Tool Transfer.


  • Tracking tool transfers in a toolroom can offer several benefits to ensure smooth operations and optimize tool utilization

  • Tracking tool transfers in a toolroom fosters better accountability and reduces tool hoarding or unauthorized tool usage, as all transfers are logged and monitored.

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