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Toolroom managers in equipment dealerships face daily challenges in maintaining visibility and control over valuable tool inventory. Many companies struggle with issues such as lost or misplaced tools, inefficient sharing processes between locations, and a lack of visibility into tool usage and movement. These problems often lead to costly downtime as technicians search for the equipment they need to complete repairs, impacting overall productivity and customer satisfaction.


TRULAND Equipment recognized an opportunity to enhance its tool management processes following a major merger between dealer groups. The company sought to improve efficiency, increase visibility across its expanded network of locations, and streamline tool sharing between stores. To achieve these goals and optimize their operations, TRULAND made a strategic decision to partner with ToolHub - an asset management solution specifically designed for dealerships.


During the extensive evaluation process, ToolHub's seamless integration and deep understanding of workflows made it stand out from competitors. As Mickey Justice, Service Manager, noted, "I was really impressed with the amount of work ToolHub had already put into trying to understand dealership processes."


Since implementing ToolHub across all 18 locations, TRULAND has experienced a dramatic transformation in day-to-day operations. Mickey Justice shares, "ToolHub has been a game-changer for us. We've reduced tool search time tremendously, allowing technicians to focus on repairs rather than searching for equipment."

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Key Outcomes

  • Increased Efficiency: Technicians now spend less time searching for tools, significantly boosting productivity.

  • Cost Savings: TRULAND has reduced duplicate tool purchases, saving thousands of dollars annually.

  • Improved Tool Sharing: Sharing tools between stores is now seamless, with real-time tracking ensuring tools are always accounted for.

Reduced friction when sharing tools between stores has been a game-changer. No more headaches trying to track down a missing socket set or wondering which bay borrowed a torque wrench. ToolHub's advanced tracking ensures that tools get out, get back, and are traceable at all times.

With tools easier to locate, track, and manage, the team operates with less stress, focusing on keeping the shop running smoothly. But that's just the start of how ToolHub can revolutionize toolroom operations.

TRULAND has an ambitious multi-phase plan to fully leverage ToolHub's capabilities:

1. Photo Documentation: Adding photos to aid in tool identification, especially useful for training new technicians.

2. Staging Parts in Technician Trucks: Streamlining operations by having specific parts ready in technician trucks.

3. Tracking Larger Equipment: Including compressors, forklifts, and service trucks in ToolHub for comprehensive asset management.

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These enhancements will provide even greater visibility and control, ensuring that critical assets are well-maintained and always ready for use.

ToolHub has empowered TRULAND to significantly enhance its toolroom operations. The system's advanced tracking capabilities have revolutionized equipment management, ensuring tools are always readily available when and where they're needed. This improvement has led to a notable increase in technician productivity, as the time previously spent searching for tools is now dedicated to value-adding repair work. With ToolHub's efficient system in place, TRULAND has optimized its operations, resulting in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Additional Benefits:

  • Centralized Inventory Management: ToolHub provides a centralized view of the entire tool inventory, pinpointing responsibility and enhancing accountability.

  • Bulk Consumables Management: By managing all non-Deere products like penetrants and hardware within ToolHub, TRULAND can optimize suppliers, streamline ordering, and drive down costs.

With ToolHub, toolroom managers have the advanced tool tracking and analytics capabilities needed to take operations to new heights of efficiency and cost savings.

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