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As a technician at TRULAND Equipment, you've experienced the frustration of needing a specific tool for a job, only to find it missing or misplaced after a lengthy search. After a major merger between dealer groups, TRULAND faced challenges with lost tools, inefficient sharing between locations, and a lack of visibility into tool movement and usage. This lack of control led to wasted time, impacting your productivity and ability to provide top-notch service to customers.

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With ToolHub you can track your tools via  tablet, phone or computer.

That's why TRULAND made the strategic decision to implement ToolHub, an innovative asset management solution designed to solve these exact issues. With ToolHub's tracking capabilities, you can easily locate and check-out the tools you need, when you need them, reducing downtime and increasing wrench-turning time.

The benefits have been immediate, as Mickey Justice, your Service Manager, attested: "ToolHub has been pretty helpful in making sure tools get out, get back, and tracing that." No more wasted hours searching for a missing 3/4" socket or dealing with frustrated customers waiting on a repair to be completed.

But ToolHub offers a wealth of additional advantages that will make your job easier and more efficient. TRULAND has a multi-phase rollout planned to take full advantage of ToolHub's capabilities, and you'll be a direct beneficiary.

In the next phase, you'll gain the ability to have parts staged right in your service truck using ToolHub. No more having to jump through hoops with the parts department's inventory system - just grab the staged parts and go. This will streamline your daily operations tremendously.


TRULAND also plans to track larger equipment assets like compressors, forklifts, and even service trucks within ToolHub's system. You'll always know where critical resources are located, saving valuable time when you need to use them. 


Additionally, ToolHub's photo documentation capabilities will aid in quickly identifying the correct tools for the job, especially helpful for newer technicians still getting acquainted with the full inventory.


Technicians don't need to worry where a specific tool is, they can focus on their job and let ToolHub do the heavy lifting.

ToolHub has allowed you to overcome major pain points that previously slowed down your productivity. As a technician, you know the frustration of needing a specific tool for a job, only to find it missing or misplaced. This costly downtime has been a persistent issue for TRULAND and other dealers. With ToolHub, you can quickly locate any tool, when you need it.


For a multi-location dealer like TRULAND, sharing specialty tools between stores used to be an inefficient, manual process with lack of accountability. ToolHub streamlines this by providing visibility across your entire tool inventory and tracking all check-ins/outs.


Have you ever arrived at a job only to find a critical tool is missing, forcing you to spend time and money purchasing a duplicate? Lack of visibility into tool availability across locations led to many unnecessary duplicate purchases. ToolHub prevents this by showing you real-time inventory.


With ToolHub, you can focus on what you do best - delivering exceptional service and repairing equipment promptly - without the headaches and delays caused by lost, misplaced, or unavailable tools. Your tool room manager and leadership team are committed to providing you with the resources and innovative solutions you need to maximize productivity and job satisfaction.


Looking ahead, TRULAND will continue leveraging ToolHub to drive operational improvements across the entire dealership network. Their vision is to utilize ToolHub for bulk consumables management, optimizing suppliers to drive down costs on non-Deere products you use daily like penetrants and hardware.


With ToolHub, TRULAND is investing in technician-focused solutions that empower you to be as efficient and effective as possible on the job. No more wasted time, no more frustrations - just the tools you need, when and where you need them.

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