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TRULAND Equipment, a leading John Deere dealership with 18 locations across multiple states, faced significant challenges in managing their valuable tool inventory across territories. After a merger between two major dealer groups, they struggled with poor visibility into tool usage and movement, lost or misplaced tools, and inefficient processes for sharing assets between locations. This lack of control led to frustration among technicians, managers, and ownership alike, impacting productivity and driving up operational costs.


Recognizing the need for a robust asset management solution, TRULAND thoroughly evaluated their options and ultimately selected ToolHub based on its strong understanding of dealership workflows, seamless integration capabilities, and impressive visibility and analytics features. The implementation across all 18 locations was a major change management success, thanks in part to ToolHub's commitment to clear communication and training throughout the process.


Since deploying ToolHub, TRULAND has experienced substantial benefits that have positively impacted their bottom line. One of the most immediate improvements has been reduced friction between locations when sharing tools, as Mickey Justice, Service Manager, stated: "Just being live since March, we're still looking at the analytics, but I think just lowering the temperature between territories and individual locations has been huge."

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Improved tool utilization and lowered operational stress have also been key outcomes. With ToolHub's tracking capabilities, tools are easier to locate and manage, taking a significant burden off technicians and tool room staff. As Justice noted, "ToolHub has been pretty helpful in making sure tools get out, get back, and tracing that."


From a financial perspective, TRULAND anticipates driving down costs by needing fewer duplicate tools across locations. By centralizing inventory and enabling better sharing between stores, they can optimize tool allocation based on seasonal demands. Justice explained, "Once we develop those analytics, we can start moving tools around possibly that I think is going to save us money just being able to control tools that are missing and or broken."

Toolhub will help you with your bottom line. Knowing where your tools are will save you from buying tools you thought you lost or misplaced.

Additionally, ToolHub provides the visibility to make smarter investments in new tools. Justice highlighted, "The other piece of that is going to give us the opportunity to spend money more wisely, in places that by adding 10 or $12,000 worth of tools, we're going to have an ROI by 10s of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars by keeping days running."

ToolHub has allowed TRULAND to overcome major pain points common to John Deere dealerships. Previously, misplaced or lost tools frequently led to costly downtime as technicians searched for needed equipment. ToolHub's tracking and visibility has eliminated this issue across all 18 locations. 


For a multi-store dealer like TRULAND, sharing specialty tools between locations was an inefficient, manual process rife with lack of accountability. ToolHub provides a centralized inventory view, streamlining sharing workflows and ensuring tools get properly checked in/out.


Duplicate tool purchases due to lack of visibility were also a major source of wasted expense. With ToolHub, TRULAND can avoid this by viewing real-time tool availability across their entire network before buying more inventory.


From small tools, or to kits, with ToolHub you can track anything and everything.

Looking ahead, TRULAND plans to leverage ToolHub's capabilities to track and optimize their bulk consumables inventory like penetrants and hardware. This notoriously challenging area will finally be brought under control, driving further cost savings.


TRULAND's vision is to utilize ToolHub as a comprehensive asset management platform, incorporating photo documentation for easy identification, parts staging for technician trucks, equipment tracking for critical assets like compressors and forklifts, and bulk consumables management. This positions TRULAND for continued success in optimizing utilization and realizing cost savings across their multi-state dealership network.

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