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Do You Know Where Your Tools Are?

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New ToolHub Feature Enables Proactive Notifications of Tool Status

Overdue Checkouts
Stay on top of your tool inventory with real-time alerts for overdue checkouts. ToolHub will send notifications when a technician at your branch has a tool checked out for too long, ensuring timely returns and efficient tool management. No more chasing technicians for tools!


Overdue Tool Transfers

Effortlessly track tool transfers between branches with our advanced notification system. ToolHub generates alerts when a borrowed tool from another location is approaching its expected return date or has been out for an extended period, allowing you to proactively manage inter-branch tool sharing.


Tools with Special Requirement
Maintain a safe and compliant work environment by staying informed about tools with special requirements or require  special training  to use. ToolHub sends alerts when a tool with specific safety or usage guidelines is checked out, ensuring proper handling and adherence to regulations.


Consumable Reorders
Never run out of essential consumables again.  ToolHub sends timely alerts when items are approaching their reorder quantity, allowing you to replenish supplies before running out.


With these powerful features, ToolHub empowers you to take control of your tool inventory, streamline operations, reducing  the time it takes for a follow-up and maximizes productivity across your organization.

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